Top Model Sweden

Hello guys!
Anyone watched Top Model Sweden lately? If not, let me tell you that our super beautiful model Sara that was featured in LaGrâce Magazine last fall was among the Top 20. Yeah 🙂 you go girl! Am super proud and I know that one day your dream of being a Super Model will come true. Don’t stop dreaming!!

I remember when she came to our casting the 27th June, with her bright hair and huge bushy, but stunning eyebrows. Love them. Oh My Goodness I could not forget your stunning freckles as well. You were for sure a diamond in the rough. Thanks for gracing us with your presence that day. You really made an impact.

The day of the photoshoot you blow our minds, you had less than 30 frames. Can you believe it? She nailed it by only using 30 frames. That’s a true SUPER MODEL in our book. I know I’m not speaking for myself, Victoria and I would love to work with you again.

Victoria doing Sara’s hair!

I wonder what she is thinking seeing herself in the screen.

Playing around… Izzy Bizzy, Victoria the chief, Sara the model, and Jackie the makeup artist!!!!

She was made to model!



And we finally chose this frame.

Do you remember Vicky’s post? Sara was part of the “sex and the city” shoot. Can you find her here?

You can find her on Instagram, Facebook and she has her on blog too 😉

Catch you later


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