Ugly side of fashion

Hellu 😉

The biggest misconception of the fashion industry: fashion is all glamorous! Well, let me give your a news flash. It’s clearly NOT. Yes, there are parts that are very glamorous and fun, which seems to only last a short period. Think about it, designers working all year, day and night, just to showcase their collection for less than 5 minutes on the runway. Or when bikini models poses on the beaches in February. Is this all glitter and glam?

Maybe I still haven’t made it clear enough? Take for instance, models constantly losing weight, to be a step closer to size zero. The stunning outfits made in China by whom? Child labor? Women getting 10 cent per hour? The flipping of magazines telling us how to look.

Why am I dwelling on this? Well, for one reason only. All that glitters is not Gold. I just want us to know that the glitter and glamour has a price. We, as consumers determine the cost!





A mannequin in this size is absurd. This should not be accepted. It sends out the wrong signal completely.

Agree with her here;)


Child labor still exists!

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Catch you later!!!


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