Hi lovelies!
How you all doing? I must say its pretty cool to have readers from different countries all over the world. Who are you guys and how did you get here? Would be fun to know, and dont be afraid to say HI!
My day have been full of energy, i was at my brother’s play to hung around. Love every minute of being there watching his daughter show me things she have learnt. Very charming, curious and a cleaver little girl.
 i have been thinking a lot of LaGrâce Magazine. Sometimes i have days like these… I’ve been thinking about how last summer was. 100000 things to do everyday! I spoke to Izzy yesterday, there is no way we are going to go through the same misstakes again.  For example Friends &people that takes us for granted.  And i will never ever forget the day Izzy and i were all stressed up(economic  issues) that we hung up on each other because we were so frustruated. I called my sister and she was laughing at me because i was crying( she was thinking here we go again another day of tears) then she realized the stress and panic in my voice. I was shaking,So litteraly had to calm me down on the phone. As nice as she is, she offered all the help she could possibly provide. But she had done ENOUGH, there was nothing she could do than just being there to support us. I  thanked her& I called back to Izzy, but  before i did, i cried a little bit more and I prayed to God. As soon as i finished i felt such a peace in mind, all my problems seemed to be sofar away(praise the lord). Its funny because when i spoke to Izzy again she had  done the same, crying,talking With her sister& said a prayer. Just right there and then we reminded ourselves;  if God is FOR us so who/what can ever be against us? The devil is a liar. Let’s get yourself together and get this job done! We are in God’s hands, have always been and will always be.
Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.
Matthew 11:28
xoxo/ vicki

4 thoughts on “LET’S GET THE JOB DONE

  1. Thank you Maggie for your kind words. We want to prove to all the people that everything is possible if you are willing to sacrify a lot, 110%. And of course, izzy and I would give up long ago if we did not have God by our sides. We can’t wait to see what more he has in store for us. ❤

    Maggie make all of your dreams come true. IT IS POSSIBLE. Look for yourself 🙂

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