Beauty comes in all forms

The other day out of curiosity I decided to google diversity among models. My results weren’t shocking because I had a sense of what the outcome of my result could be. There is clearly a huge division among different races. Why? I’m frankly confused because I truly believe beauty comes in all forms and races. Shouldn’t the division be more equal? Haven’t our society moved forward in matters like this?

My boss at Glitter(similiar to Claires) once told me that our society looks different. Our community is more diversified than ever. Why should the sale associates be different? The sale associates should be able to “resemble” most people in order to maximize profits. See it this way: as a black female consumer, if I walk into the same store and the sales associates seem to always be of the same race. I as a consumer will psychological feel that that particular store just wants to sell their products to people that look like them. Am I the only one that feels that way? I will indeed feel more welcome if the sales reps were of different nationalities, as I would once again psychologically feel more welcome.
What I directly mean is that this theory can be applied to the runway. Don’t you agree?
All in all, Naomi Campbell once said(I’m paraphrasing) she will not quit until the runway is more diversifed. You go Campbell. Props to you for speaking up!

I wonder 😣

The chart speaks for itself!

Need I say more?

More of this 🙂

Still going on strong!


Stay beautiful in your own skin! Remember beauty comes in all races, shapes and sizes!

Izzy Bizzy


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