Never fully dressed without…

Wazup ?

I guess I’m never fully dressed because I never seem to have a good manicure. Don’t get me wrong I like spending time doing my nails, I just never seem to have the time. I seriously have the whole manicure kit and with that I don’t care when my nails are undone!!
my nail kit includes:
Nail file ( medium/heavy grit)
Nail polish remover
Nail stick
Nail strengthener
Nail buffer
Cuticle oil
Nail polish
Nail hardener

Oki maybe not everything, like a nail cutter. But, I promise I had so much more nail polish. Now I seem to only find a dozen colors. Weird 😁

Tell me guys do you agree with Essie

“Never fully dressed without a good manicure”

or are you like me that forget to redo your manicure after a week?

My nail kit 🙂

Wearing this hue this week

The color on my nails

A closer look at my nails done by moi 😉

Peace ✌👌


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