As i wrote today, this was going to be a busy day with a lot things on the schedule. I have decided to have more structure in my life since there are so many things that has to be done in a certain time. I have made POST-IT notes for myself. All of them have to be done until tomorrow. i must stand firm and hard be on myself if i want to accomplish anything. I try to be as effective as possible, making calls to “Skatteverket” at the same time as i’m sending emails to different people/companies. Then I realize that this is going to be my life, I am a business woman now. It’s better to get used to it now, than later. And i don’t want to do the same misstake like izzy and I did last summer. We underestimated the valuable word TIME. This time we want to be one step ahead.

It goes a little bit slow now, but thank God there is a champion in me. Using these post it notes makes me getting closer to my accomplishment. I have 8 of them left. Whether I get done with this today or not, I’ll reward myself, its important. Izzy and I should never forget how much effort we put in this business. My reward will be an inspiring movie before i go to sleep. (LOVE WATCHING MOVIES) So does any of you have a good movie for me? Share this with me please:)

bild (3)

xoxo / vicki


2 thoughts on “POST- IT

  1. Vicki, om du vill se något inspritational ska du se en italiensk film som heter “la vita es bella” eller life is beautiful, den är heeelt fantastisk!!!!!! eller den franska “intouchables/en oväntad vänskap” 🙂
    lycka till, ni är så duktiga!
    kram dinaz

    1. Hej dinaz!
      Tack så mycket för dina tips. En oväntad vänskap har jag redan sett, den är faktiskt en av mina favoriter nu. hehe 😉

      Åh tack så mycket. Hoppas allt gå bra för dig med, ta hand om dig!kram

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