Golden Globe Awards

Hello guys! 😉
Did anyone see the Golden Globe Awards yesterday? I sure did. I saw some beautiful gowns yesterday. Very feminine, clean cuts, glitter and glam and lots of lace. I’m a huge fan of lace. I remember seeing a lot of lace. The main colors I saw on the red carpet was definitely red, black and tan. Red and black are typical colors for such an event. I totally agree that you could never go wrong with black, but in such an event I would probably go for color.

Which one is your favorite out of these tan dresses?

The ladies in black !


She does it right again, like always;)

Love! Love! Love!

This color is really different from what you normally see. This really worked for me!


This is a great example were I really liked the details on the gowns, by wasn’t too fond with the rest.

Cannot make up my mind on this dress! It fits her but, maybe it was just not right for the occasion. Whatever it is. I have mixed feelings. Do you?


Gabrielle Douglas is such a beautiful and an amazing athlete. But my oh my, I really think she went wrong here. She is young, she should have gone for a more hip dress, with a more feminine structured dress to show off her stunning body. The dress, the color choice and the hair styling would have not been my number one choice for her. Do you agree?

Later guys


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