Politics of Black Hair

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Thought I should share a glimpse of the research article in the magazine written by moi!!! Enjoy;)

The politics of Black Hair

Deciding the manner in which black female wear their hair has sparked the debate about the politics of hair. Unfortunately, the way they alter and wear their hair is no longer just an aesthetic matter, rather a Political issue.

For the past decades, women and kids have struggled with the decision on whether to keep their natural hair texture often referred as kinky, coarse, and nappy; or to relax it with was chemical mixer that helps process natural hair to make it straighter. Upon that, weaves, wigs, and hair products are other ways to enhance a black woman’s appearance.

This industry has boosted into a multimillion business. According to an article in Los Angeles Times, written by Alene Dawson, “black women make up about 65% of hair -care revenue.” without a doubt , hair weaves are not only worn by black people, but “by all ethnicities” (Good Hair). Thus, why has this triggered such a debate among the black society if women of all ethnic groups are obsessed by hair?

according to George Schuyler’s book, Black No More, “During the intervening years many chemists, professional and amateur, have been seeking the means of making the downtrodden Aframerica resemble as closely as possible his white fellow citizen… {Also} with Americans constant reiteration of the superiority of whiteness, the avid search on the part of the black masses for som key to chromatic perfection is easily understood” (Schuyler 13). With that said, Afro- Americans has through racism and slavery been degraded and this has caused devastating effects upon the black community; as a result, it has been a conscious effort to reconstruct this negative image through hair.

Is it possible to draw an assumption on someone ‘s consciousness based on how someone wears their hair? … wanna know more, grab a copy today!!

More photos from the magazine:
Styled by: Vicky Bogere & Izzy Ileso
Photographer: Andarve image gallery




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2 thoughts on “Politics of Black Hair

  1. It`s somewhat strange that hair can be connected to ones personality and ability. I even find it more absurd when we are not proud of whether it being our afro hair/ relaxed hair/ rasta hair. Does it matters? So far we are happy the way we are without any pressure to be in some certain way. Love this post. Thank you Lagrace for bringing this up 🙂 And those models are fine fine ladies with amazing hair. xoxo

    1. Hi maggie!
      Thanks for sharing your opinion and thoughts. We found it very interesting to know what black women have to day about this subject. You are right, its pretty absurd….
      Is there anything else you wish to reda in our blog? Share With us.

      Embrace the graceful you.

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