Hi again!

Ready and set for a date with elmo now. I just share a post before i leave. Behind the scenes from a photoshoot we did last summer with a bunch amazing girls. i think this was one of the funniest of them all. Just because the theme was something i think all girls can relate to. Sex&the City kind of vibe. (out shopping). The photographer behind this work is Josè David Hildebrand. Well it’s clothes from all types of brands, everything from Monki, Zara to, Filippa K and Dagmar.


And the were rollling(oh) rolling(oh) rolling down the ESCALATOR!


Óf course we bumped into some friends this day. A lot of people were wondering what we were doing.


Testing the camera…. In the big galleria in Gothenburg (Nordstan)


The three of us… Joanie our half ( my sister) was helping out this day. Such a funny girl. always talking about food when she get stressed up 🙂


walking walking walking…. ( more like working working working…)


this silver “metalic” dress from Zara. Goodies!


One of the models resting her feet while she could. it was a lot of HIGH-HEELS-walking that day.



AND FINALLY…. the final picture we decided to go with in the magazine 🙂



XOXO / vicki


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