This is a remarkable day for both izzy and me. Words can not articulate what i felt right there, that very second. When i saw the boxes full of our first magazine. All i felt was such a gratitude towards God. I said thank you Jesus million of times. He proved for izzy and I that he sure is real in everything he promises. We were so thrilled and nervous to actually see the first look of the magazine, especially Izzy. I litteraly had to drag her& make her take a look at it. We both cried and cried. The man at the office didn’t understand why we were crying til we told him that we had done the job by ourselves. He actually thought we worked for a big company, picking up the delivery.

here iam, almost 5 months later watching this video. GOOSEBUMPS, tears, laughter, butterflies, love& once again tears of joy! 🙂

xoxo / vicki


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