Hello everyone!

It’s the editor in Chief writing this post to you guys. I hope you all are having a wonderful start of the new year that God has blessed us with. Iam actually in Oslo, still working, gonna miss this cosy city when i leave at monday though.

I’m sitting here today, (free from work today) thinking about what Izzy and I did go through this summer ( The work behind LaGrâce Magazine). We have not told you that much about it. Izzy and I are the ones that came up with the whole vision. We create the story of the magazine. Everything is done by us, no sponsores or no other economic contribution. By the grace of God, we manage to create this Magazine.

To be honest, i think about it everyday. Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I cry and some other times I just don’t even know what to think because it’s to much for me to grasp. Is not that iam tired, angry or anything like that. Is just that God made us a way through it all. Let’s put it like this. i have mixed feelings about it all. Iam grateful towards God everyday. But i just don’t understand people sometimes. This industry that we have choose to be a part of is not easy, it sure is a tough way if you want to success. Not everyone had continued the mission all the way if they knew what we had to put up with EVERY single day.(No joke) There were days that we were crying for Jesus help, days we did not sleep, days we did not eat, days we didn’t spent time with friends/family(As in matter of fact, we DID NEVER SPENT TIME WITH THEM FOR 2 MONHTS), days we didn’t even said goodnight to our beloved ones( worked from 08 in the morning to 05:00 in the morning everyday), days we didn’t have time to think at all, days we didn’t even have money, days we fell asleep in front of our computers.WOW, i could come up with tons of examples. I’m just shaking my head right now. It’s unforgetable. You may like to think that Izzy and I were working on a rocky thread? But really, we were in God’s hands all the time. He had plans for us, knowing that, is the only reason why we kept going. It had to be done this way, it was written.

There were so many miracles along the way, those are the things Iam grateful for. Especially the Photograph-mircle. This mircle opened many new doors. (I’ll tell you some other day) There is also a nasty and dirty side of this indusrty. People take you for granted especially when they know that you are young and new with the whole experience. Not taken serious and they definetley don’t believe in what you say and do. people even tried to hussle our money. I don’t think anyone we worked with realized how much sweat was running down our bodies, how much tears burned the pillows and how much every penny meant for us. We know for sure that it is only ONE person that we could ever work with again, this person was so humble and grateful… Despite all this adversities, we have decided to continue the journey. We have more to learn about this industry and we will tell you all about it. How it really is to start you own magazine. Why are actually climbing up the mountain to reach our goal. A dear friend of mine posted a status on his facebook today saying ; “Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” – Andre Gide Hmm, I totally agree. You must do what you have to do so that you can do what you want to do.

Our biggest advice for you now is; Have faith in God. he will provide it for you, no matter how big because he is the biggest of them all, so what could ever be “big” for him?

bild (2)

Photographer: José David Hildebrand

xoxo / vicki


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