” IZZY “


I woke up minutes ago… Izzy texts me the whole night at viber. What cute picture she sent me of her. She got a big mouth, teeth and smile. Love her just the way she looks! All dressed up, but have no idea what she was doing? Maybe she went to the event she once rold
Me about. Typical her, she loves event.its so fun chatting around 🙂

I love working with her even though she thinks she knows the best haha. So do I, but we do really compliment each other. We have also gave ourselves different roles for the magazine. The title that I am given is The editor In Chief, and Izzy is the Head Fashion Editor. We could never make any decisions without listening to each others point of views. The decision has to unanimous. We have learned that working together as best friends is impossible. We totally have to put our friendship aside and work as professional business women to achieve our goal. I just love izzy. My best friend, also my partner. Who would have known? God bless her soul. And God blesses me everyday for having her in my life.


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