Hello people !<3

i’m sitting here in my room, trying to chill to this wonderful music of Bob Marley. “One love”  And he is singing “let’s get together and feel alright”.  My goodness that is something that people of today is having trouble with. To much hate amonst us people. to much jealously amongst of people. to much of greedyness, selfishness, gossip and bad thoughts. Its basically to much EVIL in this world.  No wonder why the world is going to come to an end.  This deep ponder can go on forever. It leads me to the word MISUNDERSTOOD! Being misunderstood is something that i think we all have in common. Don’t you just hate it? friendships are being perished because of this. Families are being torn apart just because of THIS. We have to start listening to each other instead of picturing something else in our heads which is not the complete truth.

hmm just a thought of today! you have no idea how much iam shaking my head now. Life is not easy when everyone is trying to get at you. I have one thing to tell you. be strong there will always be people talking about you, hating you, hurting you, insulting you. Love them back, you will have your reward. I know it’s easy to say and hard to do. But really, have you forgotten?There is no reward for only loving someone who loves you( Matthew 5:46)  heaven comes when you learn how to love your” enemy”.  In a long period of my life, i’ve been judged for what people think i am. They say stuff about me which are not true, and they have never ever spoke to me before??? I be like what?  You know, its funny because they always come to me later and say; Oh, you are not the person i thought you were. You are so nice. Not that i like being talked about, but it kind of  has helped me. Now i have learned not to judge other people. On what reason/motive do I/YOU have the right to judge someone? Since when do we became God? Sometimes is just better to shut to the UP. RIGHT?!

WOW.. This Bob Marley made me goo deeep…..

sees 014

xoxo / vicki ❤


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