This is one of the many photoshoots that Izzy and i did this summer for LaGrâce Magazine. We had so much fun working with different models and people. We learned a lot about the work during a photoshoot. It is a heck of a job. It may look easy looking at this picture but it is so much work behind it.

We had a fashion-repotage called “A whole day”. It’s all about a confident fashionista that mixes different type of styles at a whole day. From morning to night. At this picture the fashionista is looking through her schedule for the day, while she is having her breakfast at a café. This is actually one of my favorite pictures of them all. By the way, Izzy and I stand for all choice of clothing, what models we shall use, makeup/hairstyle , and where all the photoshoots are being held etc. But of course we hired a photographer(José David Hildebrand) for this photoshoot, Very talented, someone we could really work with again.

Hope you like the picture, and feel free to share your thoughts! 🙂

xoxo / vicki


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