Hello beauties

I guess you are all curious about the result of the very FIRST issue of LaGrâce magazine? Well it’s been a while since we launched it. Oh my goodness. I remember when it felt weird to actually say that the magazine has been launched. God really works in mysterious ways. You never know what he has in store for you. All we knew was that he was going to deliver, but never in what way. I can say like this; there have been a lot miracles along the way. We were blown away almost everyday. I can’t recall how many times I cried this summer.Not because i was sad, but because i was grateful to God. I remember I once said to God ; draw me closer to you. He certainly did. I am so much closer to him today than ever. He proved to me that he is the alpha and the omega and if he starts something, he will finish it. I simply trust him in everything that i do. There are tons of things that God did for us that i can share with you guys. You probably know what cost we had to put out with? We haven’t mention for you that every penny that was put on this magazine came from our own pockets. Money was a huge issue for you. BUT my LORD and SAVIOUR had a plan for us and simply gave the money to us. we have to DARE trust in him, he will show up.

I remember talking to Izzy last week about this whole experience. Today, I just laugh at how much we had to go through. Lesson learned. If we are going to do it all over again; It got to be more structure and most definitley a lot more people to work with (such as ambassadors, assistants etc). It was hard, because it was only the two of us doing all the work and almost every person that worked with us did take us for granted. There were only a few that belivied in us. Many people did not even think that we would ever come up with a magazine. We even chocked our parents. I will never forget my mother’s reaction. “JESUS CHRIST” she yelled, and she couldn’t believe her eyes.

Well, everyday I thank God for this opportunity. All glory to him, forever we are grateful. If you want something just ask, and you will be given. This is just the begining for LaGrâce Magazine, so remember the name folks! 🙂

– embrace the graceful you

/ Vicki




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