I wish I could move to Carlifornia or some other hot place in this world. Sweden is not for me right now. It’s freezing cold, and the snow will show up any time. Brrrr!!!! Lucky you Izzy, rolling around in your shorts in the hot weather of Florida =)
Well, they say; don’t complain there is always someone else having more worse.

Anyway. Having a free day off from school today. But that doesn’t make me completely free. When i have less to do in school, i put more focus on LaGrâce. I have been running a few meetings latley and managed to create potential contacts. Let’s see what God is going to lead this. Something good, i know. Izzy and I Will update you later when the time is right!

I just looked through our instagram. By the way follow us @lagracemagazine. Having a awsome time there sharing a lot photos and inspirations.
The time is ticking, got to go back to work now. A lot of paper work here.
embrace the graceful you
/ Victoria



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