Iam sitting here with a bothersome migraine. Wow it really sucks, but i should be used to it by now(been dealing with this for 10 years. NOkidding!).But it hits me so hard.

I must say, despite all this I just love life… I thank the Lord everyday for everything he has given me, and what he is about to give me. What a joy to be alive, knowing what a blessing it is to be a child of God. What a honour to be written on the palm of his hand. To be loved and chosen by him. HAVING JESUS IN MY LIFE ROOOCKS!

He makes life so much easier and wonderful to live. Everday sure is a blessing and he surprises me over and over. Have you every asked God a question? Or has there been a time when God proved you wrong in anything ,which lead you to trust in him more than ever? I just love when that happens. In that kind of way I always get closer to him. He gives me hope and reasons not to let go of him and trust him in everything that i do. The main thing is that my life is not complete without the Lord Jesus. I once tried to live a week without Jesus .wow i sucked so bad. I remember I was so stressed by an exam in school so i totally focused on that only, and completly forgot about Jesus( That was the dumbest thing i’ve ever done) which i should’t have done. I should have asked him for help, let him guide me and let it all go with the Holy Spirit. Well.. you see, he did it again he proved me wrong. I couldn’t do it without him. I was to stressed up and kind of lost that whole week. I remember the feeling when i got back to him as soon as I was done with the exam. I said to him in my prayer; I’m sorry, you proved me wrong again, i can’t live a life without you Lord Jesus. You are my strenght, like my medicine when Iam weak. I need you in my life, in every moment that i live. There is no one that can “catch” me in that way that you do, comfort , care for me or know me like you do. You are my saviour Lord Jesus.



/ Vicki









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