Izzy is back! Sitting here listening to “Blue God” sung by Jessica Reedy, written and produced by the super talented Mali Music. Amazing and powerful lyrics. The song actually starts by Jessica Reedy asking God why is He so sad? Why does He look so blue? Why? “Yeah we say that we love You, and yet we give ourselves away. And we claim there is none above you, but our lives don’t say the same”. I truly serve a merciful God, all the things we do. No wonder God regretted ever creating man (general word for humans) Genesis 6:6. Why do we abuse God? I too am so sorry that we misuse you God. We and myself included, we can’t just serve and worship our Lord on Sundays, or around our parents. Stop calling him when things are bad, and acknowledge Him daily. Why are we so quick to run to church when we are in trouble? Or why do we all of a sudden know how to pray when we hit a road block? We need to stop being selfish and be grateful that He is there for us 24/7. He wants us to have a relationship with Him. He Loves us, remember He sacrificed His One&Only begotten Son (Jh 3:16) for us, so that our relationship could be restored. So, that we could call on him whenever. What privileges we have in Christ Jesus. Why let that go? For things that merely lasts no more than a slight period. Why not run back to his arms and let him shelter us. Let’s restore our relationship while we still have time. His mercies are renewed every morning. Don’t be shy, He is calling us. Why not go?

Want to hear Jessica Reedy’s song, below is the link. Enjoy ❤


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