Hello ladies (and gents)…
What’s crackin n’ lackin’ ?

Wanted to TAKE you back to our very first photoshoot… we had way back.

Sara doing her thing in front of the camera. I just love her, gorgeous talented model. I just don’t get why she isn’t a top model yet, her time is yet to come.


Emmy, our intern responding well to our directions.

I just had to adjust certain things… I just can’t help it!


Sanna did a great job, can’t thank her enough.

And this is the final result… what you think?

This day we actually killed two birds with one stone. Soukenya for AVENUEMODELLER was our second girl with shot.





End result:

Izzy Bizzy

Tame the mane


Tired from a long day at work. Just to have Vicki call and begged me to help do her hair as the hair stylist there wasn’t comfortable with back people’s hair. Victoria’s close friend from high school got married yesterday. Somaliland style! ;) And Vicki was the braidemaid. Her first ever. Super exciting. Quite epic if you ask me. I’m still waiting for that day when I’m asked to be one. What a honour! Anyways, I did do my absolute best to try to tame her afro. I think I did a pretty good job to say the least.

Go ahead, say your mind!

Before ...
Before …
and after ...
and after …
Isn't she lovely?
Isn’t she lovely?


Izzy Bizzy

Back on track for real

Hello guys…

It seems like forever… the naked truth is that both Victoria and I have been super busy. Just a few days ago, we had an exhibitition at Röhsska Museet! Which by the way is really exciting news and a huge stepping stone for LaGrâce Magazine. We are climbing up the ladder real quick. Hallejua ;) Anyways, back to the exhibitition…

“Young girls need to learn that sexiness isn’t about being naked.”

– Marc Jacobs

“You don’t have to be naked to be sexy.”

– Nicole Kidman

What urged Marc Jacobs and Nicole Kidman to utter such similar statements. Had they had enough of the ongoing pressures of the media on young teenagers? Perhaps they wanted to reexamine the real meaning behind the word sexiness! The reasons for those statements are still unknown. However, the opportunity has been giving to you to decide. The question is now on your doorstep. Is it truly possible to be sexy without being naked?

So, guys what do you think? Isn’t it a hot topic? What are your thoughts?

LaGrâce Magazine covers displayed!
LaGrâce Magazine covers displayed!


Izzy Bizzy


Day off from work today… Not a everyday-thing i must say, so i was pretty happy NOT to hear the alarm clock this morning. Yet i have some things that needs to be done. I was working yesterday with Izzy, we had a lot of paper work to deal with. Im glad we are almost done with that part soon. And ohyeah, we had a photo shoot last saturday… I am not going to reveal too much at the moment, but here you have some sneak-peaks and don’t worry you won’t have to wait too long for the final result. :)

xo V

DSC03084  Prepp Prepp&PreppDSC03088Model from the agency Avenue Modeller sipping some coffe while reading the first issue of LaGrâce Magazine.DSC03091 More prepp…. Some eazy, breezy, beautiful COVERGIRLDSC03143  Izzy is pulling it off.DSC03106 …and she was directing the hairstylist and make up artist through the work. DSC03122I directed more behind the camera,  i was making sure the model was working it from head to toe.DSC03145… to be continued.


Congratulations Dorothea for the new opening

Hello you all :)

I hope you have had a beautiful day in this rainy Sweden?  Mine has been good so far, im just a little bit tired by work today. (still working at Zara). Izzy and i have been working a lot lately. It’s so much fun to do; what we actually love doing. It’s such a blessing from God to be able to experience every moment of LaGrâce. Anyways, we were invited to Dorotheas new store opening last week. The store looks so pretty, and the jeweleries look stunning. Go and check it out, and learn more about the designer, and what’s inspires her. You can find her at instagram @dorotheasjewelery or visit her website http://www.dorotheas.se

10751693_10203956370482508_395197116_n 10808258_10203956367762440_1656404269_n 10751649_10203956370122499_1716323816_n 1419741_10203956370162500_529525151_n

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Hey you !!!!

Can you believe it? We are actually back…WE are going to try our best to be as active as possible. Izzy moved back to Sweden(In case you forgot she lived in the States for the past 5 years). This gives us the opportunity to work more closer and we can take LaGrâce to the next level if you know what i mean… It’s different energy/fire this time around. We can’t wait to get it all done. Follow our jorney :)

xo the editors