Hi :)

I feel like making some smoothie while I’m publishing this photo. I am so craving for a summer trip. i know, i know… I was just abroad weeks ago, but i really need a BEACH, sunglasses, a non-alcholdrink in my hand right now and of course the perfect cute little dress… The weather of sweden at this very second is ridiculous, or like they say in England; “it’s raining cats and dogs”. I’m so looking forward to Italy in September. Rome was not built in a day ;)




We just finished our midnight-meeting which we have every Sunday. We had a little talk about the exhibition we had at Röhsska, but that’s old now. We have greatER things ahead of us.
It is really an exciting year for LaGâce Magazine, we are not afraid to challenge ourselves. We go by the motto; Dream BIG!
I am really proud of myself and izzy, we have come a long way, therefore I would love to thank God for every path he made/helped us go through. NO
Nothing has been in vain, nothing just happens. Like they say; everything happens for a reason.
Blessed are we!image
                                                  Portfolio in the making!

Xo/ V